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Best Wok Lunch Special is served Everyday from 11:30am to 4:00pm (except holidays)

                            Best Wok
                        Lunch Special午餐                               
  Includes:        One Entree, Appetizer, and Rice
  Appetizers:     Spring Roll春卷 or Shrimp Toast蝦多士
                     Broccoli Chicken 西蘭花雞($9)                 
                     Chicken with Cashew Nuts腰果雞($10)
                     Chicken with Snow Peas雪豆雞 ($10)                     
                     Almond Fried Chicken杏仁炸雞 ($10)                 
                  * Mongolian Chicken蒙古雞(9)
                  * Kung pao Chicken宮保雞丁(9)
                     Assorted Vegetables with Chicken 什菜雞($10)
                  * Chicken with Garlic Sauce魚香雞(9)                    
                     Sweet and Sour Chicken甜酸雞(9)
                  * Orange Flavor Chicken陳皮雞 ($10)
                  * Hunan Chicken(General Tao)胡南雞(左宗棠)($10)
                     Teriyaki Chicken醬味雞($10)
                  * Hunan Beef with Broccoli湖南牛($11)
                     Beef with Bell Pepper青椒牛 ($11)
                  * Mongolian Beef蒙古牛 ($11)
                     Tomato Beef蕃茄牛 ($11)
                  * Kung Pao Beef宮保牛 ($11)
                  * Beef with Garlic Sauce魚香牛 ($11)
                  * Orange Flavor Beef陳皮牛($11)
                     Beef with Snow Peas雪豆牛($11)
                     Teriyaki Beef醬味牛($11)
                     Pork with Zucchini瓜仔豬肉($9)                     
                     Pork with Snow Peas雪豆豬肉($10))                 
                  * Pork with Garlic Sauce魚香豬肉($9)                    
                     Sweet and Sour Pork甜酸豬肉($9)
                     Shrimp with Lobster Sauce蝦龍糊($11)
                  * Shrimp with Garlic Sauce魚香蝦 ($11)
                     Assorted Vegetables with Shrimp蔬菜蝦($11)
                     Sweet and Sour Shrimp甜酸蝦 ($11)
                  * Kung Pao Shrimp宮保蝦 ($11)
                     Shrimp and Chicken Combination雞蝦雙丁 ($11)
                     Buddha's Delight (Assorted Vegetables)素什锦($9)
           * Broccoli with Garlic Sauce魚香西蘭花($9)
           * Kung Pao Togu宮保豆腐($9)
                         我們的肉類是由COSTCO 新鮮供應,質量保證。
   All our meats are top USDA Choice from COSTCO, quality guarantee. 
                                       * Hot and Spicy辣
    Lunch Served Everyday from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. (Except Holidays)  Smile
     Please call us at: 425-747-7031 or 425-747-7065 to order take-outs.

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